Dinos In My Dreams

I’ve noticed a strange trend in my dreams over the years.

Tyrannosaurus Rex.

That is, I’ve had many dreams that somehow involved this particular dinosaur. I’ve had dreams with other dinosaurs, too, but this one has just come up so many times that I’m wondering whether it means something.


Well, that could be one possibility, I suppose. But going the more realistic route, maybe there’s some deep-seated psychological problem that manifests itself in this way in my subconscious. Some sort of fear that I’m most often not aware of, maybe?

I mean, most of these dreams have been somewhat traumatic. One of them involved the T-Rex attacking my youth group, and even gobbling up a few of the attendees. Another also involved the eating of someone I know, although the rest of that dream was actually quite funny, and is one I still like to tell these days. And yet, other times, the T-Rex (or T-Rexes — I’ve had at least one in which there were three of them), was kind of just . . . there, and not really doing anything of note.

It really makes me wonder.

But I’m short on time, so I guess wondering is all I can do for now. Maybe I’ll do some research on dream interpretations later.

See you all next week! In the meantime, gaze in awe and terror at the T-Rex from Jurassic Park.

Biggest "NOPE" moment in cinema history.

Biggest “NOPE” moment in cinema history.


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