There are few things that I feel I could literally do for hours on end and never get bored. One of them is simply looking up at the stars.


There’s just something about those little twinkling lights in the night sky that just fascinate me, and always have. Now, I know that stars are actually ginormous flaming balls of gas gazillions of miles away, but still . . . viewed from here on Earth, they really are a thing of beauty.

They’re also a reminder of just how tiny I am. Some of those stars are much, much bigger than our own sun, which is so huge it could hold many, many Earths. And here I am, just a tiny, miniscule little speck in an unimaginably vast universe.

Really puts things in perspective, doesn’t it? It’s also a wondrous reminder of how incomprehensibly great God is. He made all of this. It’s something I often take for granted, but stargazing brings the thought of how incredible it really is back to me.

And hey, I’m not saying I’m constantly thinking about this stuff whenever I happen to look at the stars. Sometimes I simply look at them and am so entranced by their beauty that I wish I could just sit outside and stare at them all night. This time of year, though, that could be a problem. You know. College and all. But summer is just around the corner, so yay!

Which reminds me . . . there’s a lake we stay at every summer where you can literally see thousands of stars, like in the pictures you can find when you Google “stars” (*points further up the post*). As pretty as the stars look around here, they’re absolutely breathtaking out there, without all the light pollution you get from being near big cities. If you’ve never stargazed out in the country, do it as soon as you can.

Oh, and have some random Hubble Space Telescope photos!

Helix Nebula (I think)

Helix Nebula (I think)

Not sure what this is. Cool, though!

Not sure what this is. Cool, though!



Sh 2-106

Sh 2-106

Pretty incredible stuff.

Until next week!



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