‘Nother Schedule Change

Hey, all! This is just a quick announcement about a change coming to my blog, effective immediately.

I will no longer be posting every two weeks.

Originally, I posted every week. Then, after it kind of became a chore, I decided to post every two weeks instead. Now, admittedly, it’s become a chore again, plus I’ve got school starting up in less than a week. So I’ve decided that I won’t stick to a strict schedule with my blog. From now on, I’ll do a post when, and only when, I feel inspired enough to do so.

I enjoy writing, but I don’t necessarily enjoy it all the time. Also, I feel that if I only write when I really, truly want to, it’ll result in better-quality posts altogether.

Hope this is cool with y’all! See you next post, whenever it may be!


Finals, bruh

You may have noticed that I didn’t get a blog post up this past Sunday. I hope you weren’t upset by that.

There’s a good reason why. It’s the final two weeks of the semester. So you don’t get a blog post this week (except this one).

Sue me!

All joking aside, good luck, everyone!

LEGO Stuff: “Creepy Corridor”

Hey, guys! For today’s post, I wanted to share my most recent LEGO creation with you. I actually built it earlier in the summer — June, I believe — but I’ve only just now dumped my camera’s SD card data onto my computer. So, since I now have access to the pictures I took, I figured I’d post ’em here!

This little doohickey is different from the kind of thing I usually build: castles. Yeah, it’s still castle-themed, but instead of building an entire castle this time, I decided to do a little scene instead — a vignette, I guess you could call it. A sort of cutout, if you will.

. . . I should probably just show you.



See what I mean? Yeah, I think you do. You’re not stupid, after all. (I think.)

Anyway, while I was building this, I imagined two teenage boys lost in a haunted castle. Things get worse as they’re separated. One of them (as you can see) is cornered by a cloaked skeleton on a bat-winged skeletal horse, and he fights it with a sword he found and the frying pan he brought. The other explores cautiously, searching for his buddy, and comes across a corridor with treasure guarded by another skeleton. Fun stuff. ^_^

Here’s some more views for ya.



I tried to get an authentic castle look by placing some mismatched colors in the wall. As I understand it, real castles were often built in this way in medieval times — not many castles (if any) were made entirely of one stone color.



I really like how a lot of recent LEGO minifigures have reversible heads with a different expression on each side. It allows for some scene-enhancing effects such as the nervous look on this guy’s face. The only thing that would have made this better is if his flashlight actually lit up!


To increase the fun, I added the functionality of a removable roof. And as you can see more clearly here, I tried to get a lot of detail into the corridor itself: spiders, wall decorations, an arched window, etc. It was a fun challenge working in such a small space!

Hope you guys liked seeing this! I enjoyed designing it quite a bit, and I plan on making similar “cutouts” of scenes in the future, whenever I do find more time to sit down with the ol’ LEGO collection.

See you in two weeks!

Why Summer Is My Favorite Season

First, apologies once again for a late post. But a late post is better than no post, am I right?

So, anyway, it’s not technically summer until late June, but I did just end my first year of college a couple of weeks ago. For me, then, I’m on summer vacation, which is undoubtedly my favorite time of year.


Why is that? Sure, it can get stiflingly hot and humid sometimes. But . . . that’s really the only drawback I can think of (okay, besides wasps and other such pesky arthropods). Think of all the amazing things about this season!

First thing: NO SCHOOL! Well, unless you opt to take summer classes. But if you’re like me, you would never dream of doing that unless you had to. Having three entire months without having to worry about essays and due dates is nothing short of glorious.

Another thing. When Shakespeare wrote the line “Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day?” he knew what he was talking about. Summer can often be amazingly beautiful. Sometimes I feel like I live for clear, sunny days in the low to mid-seventies with low humidity and light, cool breezes. I could just sit outside for hours on days like this and be perfectly content (at least until it’s time to go inside and eat). And even when the weather isn’t quite that perfect, it’s still gorgeous when the sun hits the leaves on the trees in your backyard, or when the flowers in the field you’re walking by sway back and forth in the wind, or when the water of the lake glitters in the sunlight and ripples in the breeze.

nature multicolor flowers garden summer season bees depth of field 2560x1600 wallpaper_www.wallpaperhi.com_82

Summer is also the time when I usually perform in plays alongside my friends, which is always a blast. It’s a great time for movies as well, what with all the major blockbusters coming out. Also, swimming! And swimming pools. And the way the water in swimming pools looks like in the sun.


So mesmerizing. ^_^

You know what? I’m just going to list a bunch of the other things I love about summer so I don’t get too long-winded.

Boating. Kayaking. Fishing (sometimes). Grill-outs. Campfires. S’mores. The smell of sunscreen. Dandelions. Shorts, T-shirt, sandals. Independence Day. My birthday. Bike rides. Basketball. Blowing bubbles in the yard. Family vacations. Sandy beaches (at the lake, since I’ve never been to the beach). Kites. Catching fireflies. Running away from bees and wasps. Theme parks. Popsicles.

I’m sure there are more, but I’ll wrap it up with the two biggest ones.

1. FREE. TIME. The older you get, the more valuable it is.

2. Spending that free time with family and friends.

So . . . yeah, that about sums it up. Summer is my favorite season. Sue me, autumn-lovers. :P (I kid, I kid.)


See you guys . . . in a few days, actually.

A Somewhat Lame Attempt at Poetry — Part the Fifth


It’s May! Hooray! Let’s all give a shout
For May is quite special — there’s really no doubt.
I’ll tell you the reasons, if you care to learn why
Though I’m sure that you already know. *deep sigh*

May is the month when I get out of school.
It’s true, my friends! I’m feeling so cool!
My first year of college has been pretty great,
But I’m definitely ready for summer — no hate!

It’s also this month that we have Mother’s Day.
‘Tis a grand day indeed. Callooh! Callay!
Let’s all thank our mothers for the hard work they do
And don’t forget to say: “I love you!”

I’d better get going, ’cause this is real cheesy.
That’s my poetry for ya. My skills are quite measly.
I hope that you all have a wonderful month,
And . . . does anyone know a word that rhymes with month?!

Turn Signals. Use Them.

What’s your number one driving pet peeve? I’ve got to say that mine is people not using their turn signals.

I'm right there with you, Luigi.

I’m right there with you, Luigi.

So, you’re driving along, minding your own business, feeling pretty good about the day . . . when suddenly, the person in front of you starts slowing down, often finally to a stop.

What the heck? you think to yourself. What are you doing?!

Then, finally, when everything is clear, they make a turn, continuing on their way as usual.

And to them I say:


I MEAN SERIOUSLY! How hard is it to flip that little switch on the side of your steering wheel before you make a turn?! DO YOU EVEN HAVE A BRAIN?! OR ARE YOU REALLY SO LAZY THAT YOU’RE GOING TO PUT OTHER PEOPLE’S LIVES IN DANGER?!

Oh, come on! You've never even heard of it?!?!

Oh, come on! You’ve never even heard of it?!?!


Look. Look here. See this? You see it? IT’S CALLED A TURN SIGNAL, YOU IDIOT!

Really, though. It’s not just annoying. Using your turn signal is helpful to other drivers, much more than I think people realize. And it’s downright unsafe to not do so! And I don’t just mean when you’re making a turn. You should also use your turn signal when you’re about to change lanes.

Really. Look it up. It’s the law. (At least where I live. I’m pretty sure it is elsewhere.) In fact, I just learned today that you can get pulled over for not using your turn signal.

. . .




Oh. Is that why people don't use them? Huh. Someone needs to fix this issue.

Oh. Is that why people don’t use them? Huh. Someone needs to fix this issue.

*deep breath*

Okay, rant over. See you guys next week!

(Also, major apologies for not having a post last week. College life, you know.)