“The Peanuts Movie” — My Hopes/Expectations

I’m a bad blogger. My last post was exactly a month ago. I should have had a post a few weeks ago, but I ended up deciding to just skip it after a few days had gone by without posting anything. Now, I should also have had a post this past Sunday, and I didn’t get that one on time either. I’ve just been very busy with school and all, as I’m sure you’ll understand. Anyway, I decided to take a little time to write a post today to at least make up for this past Sunday, so that’s good. And stuff. *nods*

So, to get right into it: what I’m hoping and expecting from the soon-to-be-released The Peanuts Movie!


Peanuts has been a part of my life since I was about five years old. For a long time, all I knew about was the old TV specials like A Charlie Brown Christmas and It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown. When I was a young teenager, though, I discovered (thanks to my grandparents) that Peanuts was originally a comic strip. So, naturally, I got as many books full of the strips from the library as I could and pored over them for hours. I grinned, I chuckled, I snorted, I even laughed out loud at times. Peanuts became my favorite comic strip (and I doubt anything will ever top it for me, although Calvin and Hobbes is also excellent).

When I heard they were making a CG-animated Peanuts film, I was interested, excited, and skeptical all at the same time (as I’m sure many others were). It was cool to see that new Peanuts material was being made, but I was obviously worried about whether it would preserve the integrity of the strip and the original specials. Then, for a while, I forgot about the movie . . .

. . . Until earlier this year, when I saw a trailer for it.

I actually liked it. I was instantly drawn to the unique animation, which I think does a fantastic job of rejuvenating the Peanuts gang while still preserving their classic look and feel. I liked how the kids voicing the characters sounded. I liked how certain story elements from the strips (like the “Little Red-Haired Girl”) made their way into the movie. I liked the littler things, like Lucy at her psychiatrist stand and the copy of War and Peace that shows up in the trailer.

I think they’re getting this right! I thought.

Now, one thing did deter me: the crappy pop music. However, after doing some research, I discovered that the filmmakers have stated that there won’t be any modernized stuff like that in the actual movie. No pop music. No placing the kids in today’s society with the Internet and smartphones. Just classic Peanuts that happens to be created with the computer animation technology of today.

Also, the individual character posters are pretty great.

Also, the individual character posters are pretty great.

That did make me rest easy . . . until I heard more recently that Meghan Trainor did a song for the movie. I’m assuming it’s going to play during the credits (they did say there wouldn’t be any pop music in the movie, after all, which now kind of seems like a half-lie), and I’m also assuming (since the movie is rated G) that it won’t contain lyrics about “bass” or moving lips or anything else stupid like that. Still, though, it does irk me a bit. I guess it’s just part of the marketing. *sigh*

Besides that, though, I’m really excited for this movie! So here’s a rundown of my hopes and expectations:

  • I expect that the film will remain true to the Peanuts characters and be quality, clean entertainment that anyone can enjoy. No toilet humor or anything like that thrown in. Please. I will riot if that happens. (Okay, maybe not, but I’ll still be mad. Yeah.)
  • I expect that it will tell a good story that contains some elements from the strips but will also still have plenty of stuff that was written specifically for this movie.
  • I expect that “Linus and Lucy” and other original Peanuts themes will be used throughout the movie in addition to the new score. Because if it doesn’t . . . it just plain wouldn’t be right.
  • I hope that it will be really good. Not just a movie that makes people go “Oh, that was cute.” I want it to be a movie that makes everyone stand up and cheer for how good it is. Here’s hoping. *fingers crossed*


That’s about it! I’ll see you guys in just under two weeks with a full review of the movie (assuming I see it by then, which I probably will). In the meantime, what do you think? Excited? Nervous? Don’t care? Sound off in the comments!

Until then!



  1. It’s like you took all my thoughts and put them in a blog post. o.o YES TO ALL OF THIS.

    Peanuts is VERY dear to my heart. It’s just something we grew up with because Mom loved it and grew up with it as well. It’s a huge part of our family. My mom even painted a Peanuts mural in my brother’s bedroom in our first house. We’re obsessed. XD So when I heard they were making a movie I was…nervous.

    I don’t LIKE when they remake classics. You CAN’T remake a classic, that’s why it’s classic. It just doesn’t have the same charm. It usually upsets me. So I really wasn’t sure about this one. But the more I’m hearing about it, the more I’m willing to give it a chance. Especially when I saw it was rated G which basically never happens these days. Because that means it probably won’t have any “toilet humor” (I seriously had that exact same thought as you) and things. And it really encourages me that it won’t have any of that dumb pop music they keep adding to the trailers.

    Anyways, I’m so glad you made this post because I feel the same way! Here’s hoping to a good movie. *crosses fingers*

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