LEGO Stuff: “Creepy Corridor”

Hey, guys! For today’s post, I wanted to share my most recent LEGO creation with you. I actually built it earlier in the summer — June, I believe — but I’ve only just now dumped my camera’s SD card data onto my computer. So, since I now have access to the pictures I took, I figured I’d post ’em here!

This little doohickey is different from the kind of thing I usually build: castles. Yeah, it’s still castle-themed, but instead of building an entire castle this time, I decided to do a little scene instead — a vignette, I guess you could call it. A sort of cutout, if you will.

. . . I should probably just show you.



See what I mean? Yeah, I think you do. You’re not stupid, after all. (I think.)

Anyway, while I was building this, I imagined two teenage boys lost in a haunted castle. Things get worse as they’re separated. One of them (as you can see) is cornered by a cloaked skeleton on a bat-winged skeletal horse, and he fights it with a sword he found and the frying pan he brought. The other explores cautiously, searching for his buddy, and comes across a corridor with treasure guarded by another skeleton. Fun stuff. ^_^

Here’s some more views for ya.



I tried to get an authentic castle look by placing some mismatched colors in the wall. As I understand it, real castles were often built in this way in medieval times — not many castles (if any) were made entirely of one stone color.



I really like how a lot of recent LEGO minifigures have reversible heads with a different expression on each side. It allows for some scene-enhancing effects such as the nervous look on this guy’s face. The only thing that would have made this better is if his flashlight actually lit up!


To increase the fun, I added the functionality of a removable roof. And as you can see more clearly here, I tried to get a lot of detail into the corridor itself: spiders, wall decorations, an arched window, etc. It was a fun challenge working in such a small space!

Hope you guys liked seeing this! I enjoyed designing it quite a bit, and I plan on making similar “cutouts” of scenes in the future, whenever I do find more time to sit down with the ol’ LEGO collection.

See you in two weeks!



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