Adieu, Summer. Adieu.

Well, it’s finally come.  For me, today marks the final day of summer vacation this year.


Oh yeah, this was taken by me last summer. ^_^

It’s a bittersweet feeling. Summer, as I’ve stated on this blog before, is my favorite season. And this one was pretty fantastic! There was much swimming, gaming, reading, theme parking, playacting, vacationing, lazing around, movie seeing, TV watching, hanging out, and just all-around having a ball. I did a lot this summer.

There’s a weird feeling I’ve got about the whole thing, though. I feel both like it’s all flown by in a flash and like it’s lasted for ages at the same time. I find myself thinking: “It can’t already be time to go back to school!” But then when I really think about it, imagining myself sitting in the cafeteria on the last day of classes, eating lunch right after finishing my last final, it really has been quite a while. More than three months.

And, while I’m absolutely going to miss summer (almost too much, really), that really is plenty of time. And it has been a blast.

So, I’d say I’m ready for the new semester. It’ll be a much easier transition than last year, that’s for sure. Sophomore year, here I come!

To close, here’s a very nice summery tune for you to chill out to.

See you all next time! And if you’re still on summer vacation, make it last while it’s still here!


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