A Somewhat Lame Attempt at Poetry — Part the Fifth


It’s May! Hooray! Let’s all give a shout
For May is quite special — there’s really no doubt.
I’ll tell you the reasons, if you care to learn why
Though I’m sure that you already know. *deep sigh*

May is the month when I get out of school.
It’s true, my friends! I’m feeling so cool!
My first year of college has been pretty great,
But I’m definitely ready for summer — no hate!

It’s also this month that we have Mother’s Day.
‘Tis a grand day indeed. Callooh! Callay!
Let’s all thank our mothers for the hard work they do
And don’t forget to say: “I love you!”

I’d better get going, ’cause this is real cheesy.
That’s my poetry for ya. My skills are quite measly.
I hope that you all have a wonderful month,
And . . . does anyone know a word that rhymes with month?!



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