A Somewhat Lame Attempt at Poetry — Part the Fourth


Poetry’s fun. But I’m jumping the gun.
I’d rather have one post today than have none.
So, at the request of my good buddy Josh,
I’m doing more poems — they’re really quite posh.

It’s Super Bowl Sunday. It came here so fast.
I’m attending a party — it’s sure to be a blast!
Though I really don’t care who the winner shall be,
I’ll watch the game anyway. So . . . sue me.

As I sit here working on this bit of poetry,
I listen to “Waltz of the Flowers” (Tchaikovsky).
It’s my favorite piece from the Nutcracker Suite —
Just thought I’d say so. I think it’s real neat.

Sadly, I’m now running short on my time.
I hope you’ve enjoyed my humble little rhyme.
I’m off to have supper, then it’s time for the game!
And thus is the end of my poem somewhat lame.



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