A Somewhat Lame Attempt at Poetry — Part the Third


I can’t help but feel that this might be a fail.
If it bugs you too much, please throw me in jail.
I don’t have much time for a longer blog post,
So enjoy this for now, and humor your host.

As I sit on my bed on this fine winter’s night,
I think about bedbugs — I’m told they can bite.
As far as I know, they aren’t in my bed,
Perhaps they have gone on vacation instead.

My cat just walked by and did not visit me.
I feel rather hurt. It’s a sad thing to be.
And now he walked back the same way he came —
Should he come to me later, I’ll still be game.

Pajamas are soft. Pajamas are nice.
They help keep you warm while all turns to ice.
Polka dots, stripes, paisley or plaid —
If we didn’t have PJs, we’d all go mad!

My poetry skills could be compared to a void,
But in spite of this fact, I hope you’ve enjoyed.
Next week, I hope, my post will not fail.
But look at the time — I’ve got to bail!


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