Another Somewhat Lame Attempt at Poetry


Well, look at that! I’ve failed again.
I got on Christmas break, and then
I thought I’d have a longer post
That you would love (don’t mean to boast).

But now that Sunday’s almost done,
My inspiration is close to none.
So I’ve decided that I should
Try poetry again, if I could.

This time, however, instead of haiku,
I’m rhyming words — keeping rhythm, too.
So here’s to yet another lame
Attempt at poetry — if you’re game.

“My cat is sleeping next to me
Making funny noises. It brings me glee.
But now I’ve woken him up with a poke.
I’m such a troll, and that is no joke.”

“There’s a deer head hanging upon the wall.
I gave him a name once, though now can’t recall.
There’s also a fish hanging very close by.
His name, too, I don’t know, though I try.”

That’s all for now, for my brother is here
To play video games. And yet, I fear
That this post has not been interesting to you.
If so, I apologize. My condolences to you.



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