…I do not have a “real” blog post today.

My most sincere apologies for this inconvenience. Things are just getting quite busy ’round here, what with final projects and final exams and such. But fear not! I have only two more weeks of the semester left, and then I’ll be free for a whole month!

So anyway, for the time being, just have an interesting tidbit or two:

  • Did you know that whales and dolphins are actually mammals, not fish? I know! It’s crazy!
  • Wait, you already knew that?
  • Well, dang. So much for my first tidbit.
  • Maybe my second will be better. Spoons can’t pick up steaks!
  • …Or can they?

Food for thought. (Haha. “Food” for thought. I was just talking about steaks. Haha. Anyway…)

See you all next week with a better post!



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