Goodbye Summer, Hello Autumn

The colors. o.o

The colors. o.o

Okay, so, technically I’m a bit late with this post — summer officially ended in September — but it’s here now. So.

It’s that time of year again! The days are shortening, the nights are lengthening, temperatures are dropping, and colors are changing. Better start zipping up those jackets, folks: summer is long gone, and autumn has kicked in!

I’ve got to say, I sometimes feel a little conflicted about what my favorite season is. Yes, officially, it’s summer, but autumn may very well be a close second. There’s a tangible crispness in the air. The red, yellow, brown, and gold of the leaves changing is mesmerizing. Warm sweaters. Pumpkins — and, more importantly, pumpkin pie! All that good stuff.

As much as I love summer — the break from school, the sun, the water, the green — I am ready for the cooler, more comfortable weather and the change in schedule, however busy it can get. So, with this post, I just want to remind everyone to make sure you get the most out of it while it’s here.

Because, hey, we’ll all be begging spring to come almost as soon as winter rolls in. Am I right?

Until next week, dear friends and followers!


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