Ideas for categories

Hey, all! I’ve got a few ideas for different categories of posts, but I wanted to open it up to everyone who reads this. These are the ideas I have thus far:

  • Hodgepodge: for random posts that have nothing to do with any of the other categories.
  • Matthew’s Musings: for the more thoughtful of my entries.
  • Reviews & Recommendations: what it says. Subcategories will include films, books, video games, and hopefully more.
  • Culture & Society: for commentary on the ups and downs of the world we live in today.
  • Tattles & Tales: for stories, both from life and my imagination.
  • Lists: what it says. Lists of basically anything and everything that I decide to make a list of.

What else would you like to see? Comment your ideas, if you please!



  1. Those sound like cool categories. :)

    (One thing I would suggest, unrelated to topics, would be a follow-by-email on the side… Before I was on WordPress I used to wish all blogs had those. :D)

    Looking forward to seeing what interesting commentaries you come up with!



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